The Real Shortcut To Success In Marketing

So. Much. Hype…

If you’ve spent any time researching online marketing or how to make money online you’ve no doubt come across this…

Make $1000 in 10 minutes without doing anything!

Quit your job in 5 days with this proven system!

Make 5 figures per month online with no effort, no investment and no time!

Don’t you love all of the hype that’s out there? (Insert sarcastic grin)

Don’t get me wrong… there are plenty of incredible products out there created by lots of great marketers who are authentic people. It can just hard to pick the winners starting out. I found that without experience it was hard to know what I needed. A little guidance would have helped a lot.

Now I’ve always been a research-minded guy rather than just following the latest and the loudest. Show me the steak… Don’t just try to sell me on the sizzle. And yes, early on, I bought my fair share of products, systems and methods based on the sizzle and ended up disappointed.

My quest for a shortcut ended up taking me the long way around.

So, is there a shortcut? A secret to success? Honestly, I had been searching for the keys to success myself and if there was a (honest and ethical) shortcut I was going to find it and take it. Eventually I found shortcuts, but they didn’t come in the form that I was expecting.

Here’s what I’ve found

After exploring the marketplace and seeing countless methods and marketers.

The real shortcut to success in marketing is this…

If you want to stay on the path, follow a trail of breadcrumbs. If you want to keep from getting lost, follow a map. If you want to maximize your success on your journey, follow a guide.

So many people, myself included at the beginning, try to make up for a lack of experience through research and study. If you’re ready to work hard and put it all together you’ll get there eventually… It’ll take extra time, though, as you learn from your own mistakes rather than learning from the mistakes of others.

What’s the alternative?

The solution is to find some people that you resonate with. Look for people who share the same values as you do and look at how they are building their business. The person can be just as important as the method or the results. An approach may work very well for somebody else but if it goes against your values the reality is that you’ll feel conflicted rather than putting it into action.

Too often, I think people move on an idea for a business by looking at marketability and profitability only; they choose a path based only on the bottom line. Here’s the thing, though… In that scenario the best case is that you make some money doing something you dislike. The worst case is that you never experience any success because you struggle to force yourself to do something you hate or goes against your values.

The shortcut is to align with your values

For me, one of my key values is integrity. I don’t like being lied and I also don’t like it when people make claims that stretch the truth and don’t deliver therefore I don’t do these things.

As I searched for a mentor this was important to me and this is a big part of why I chose to study with John Thornhill. He built a successful business by being a genuine person interested in helping others and that’s something that I can get behind and take action on.

Learning from a mentor I can feel good about to provide a valuable service I can feel good about.

That is my shortcut.


  • Don

    Reply Reply September 24, 2018

    Well said, and so true. It is rare that something works over the long haul based purely on profitability. No matter what someone might say, when you look deep enough there is always intrinsic value in those businesses that grow and prosper.

    Hopefully, people will read your words and heed the message.

    • danielhanscom

      Reply Reply January 30, 2019

      Glad that you enjoyed it, Don. I hope for the same thing.

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