Getting Stuff Done So You Can Launch…

If you can relate to this then you’re not meeting your full potential…

You have a great idea to move your business forward. You know what needs to be done next but it’s going to take some work (effort x time). Plans are made to launch a project. This is going to be a huge step forward and…… then it’s Friday night, the week is over, and nothing has been done.

I’ve been there.

What happened? It’s not like I sat around all week doing nothing. I remember having plenty to do and staying very busy… Obviously, I just spent my time on other things and sometimes, those weren’t the things that really mattered.

There’s an old saying:

What gets measured gets managed.”

This definitely applies for time. If you want to move your business forward you need some way of staying accountable for how you’re investing your time into making it happen.

Everybody has an idea. Everybody has the potential to build a successful business and offer value. Very few do it, though, and a big part of that comes down to time.

It’s not that people don’t have it… We all have 24 hours a day. Within that 24 hours, though, we have to make choices about priorities; what gets done first, what gets the weak leftovers (a few minutes before bed when you’re tired after a long day), and what doesn’t get done at all.

The key is to use the time effectively

In the end it boils down to what you really value more… Time to chill out or time to build your list? Time to watch re-runs on Netflix or time to get that product idea put together? Time to scroll on Facebook or time to work out the details for that launch?

Do you see what I’m saying here? It all boils down to what you spend your time doing. Time is your biggest asset so how are you spending yours? It also boils down to focus which is really hard to maintain if you don’t have a clear way of knowing when you’re “on the clock”.

Measuring Time

Here’s my strategy. Put yourself “on the clock” and start measuring the amount of time you are focused on your work. This is so simple and it’s something that anybody can do. Set a timer for 25 minutes. Make a commitment to yourself that while that timer is on you are focused on a single project that is key to your business. Be clear with others that, while you’re on the clock, you are not to be interrupted and if something absolutely unavoidable interrupts you (ex: a visit from Batman), pause the timer.

Finally, have some sort of a calendar or weekly printout for the days of the week at your workstation. Each time you complete a 25 minute chunk put a tick for the day.

It then becomes a very easy matter to see how many (roughly) 1/2 hour work sets you did each day of the week. Now that you have a way to measure the time spent working on your business you now have a way to set goals and hold yourself accountable.

Yes, it’s simple. Yes, it’s worth it. Yes, you may end up being surprised by how big of a difference this ‘obvious’ tip can actually make.

Success will always come down to investing time and effort into a sound plan. Start measuring the time you invest so that you can manage it well.

~Here’s to your success

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