How To Protect Your Online Business From Change

Don’t end up vulnerable

“Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket”. No doubt you have heard the expression and it’s very good advice in life. It’s also very good advice in business. It can be especially important in business when you don’t have control over the “basket” in the first place.

Most of us find some dead ends as we start out building an online income. Once a winner is found, though, what does the smart business person do? They double down on what’s working, of course!

Often, this can even lead to some specialization in the method that has started to show promise which makes a lot of sense. You had a good outcome with AdWords? Run more ads! You get good traffic with Youtube? Start cranking out more videos! Facebook ads were good to you? Thank you sir, may I have another campaign?! What happens, though, if the golden goose ends up turning on you like a dingo and ends up eating your baby?

Cautionary tales

Think it can’t happen? Think again. In fact, many marketers have had the rug pulled out from under their business’ feet. Here are just a few…

John Thornhill – After building his business with Google AdWords he was shocked one day to find that his account had been closed without explanation. His response… “Screw You Google… I don’t need you. I’ll devise my own traffic methods”.

Stoica Bogdan – This marketer ended up breaking his computer monitor when he found out that his youtube account was deleted. Oops. Even if you try to follow the rules some random guy can flag your videos for no reason leading to a fritzed account.

Anik Singal – In other Google news… Anik reported having built a multi-6-figure income using Google Adwords. His account ended up getting shut down overnight with no notice… Goodbye cashflow.

There are other examples but I think this is enough to show that the danger is real. It has happened before and it will happen again. Some sites (ahem – Facebook – cough) seem to even change their traffic and advertising protocols more often than some people change their underwear. So…

Protecting yourself

You spend time and effort in building your business. How do you protect it (and your financial future)? Here are 4 tips to keep in mind:

#1) Keep up to date

Pay close attention to how changes affect your business metrics and follow the changes in the industry. Be especially aware when players you depend on change the rules of the game. You never know when a change might make another option worth exploring…

#2) Consider having more than one channel open

I’m not saying to water down your efforts by trying to divide your energy in several directions. It may be good idea, though, to look for ways to re-purpose your content on different channels. Running a Youtube channel? You can put the videos onto a blog as well. Tons of followers on Facebook? Why not offer some incentive so they can opt into your email list?

#3) Cover your assets

It’s your business! You may have used a site or service as a tool in building it but that’s no reason to give them unilateral control over your assets. I know it’s tedious, but back up your videos, articles and other content. Also, favor building an asset you have more control over such as an email list rather than only subscribers on Youtube or followers on Facebook or Twitter.

#4) If you get burned, make lemonade

If (when) a change happens that impacts you in a way that you could have done without, rise above it and figure out a way to profit from it. It may be through lessons learned, it may be by creating a program to help others to keep from getting burned or it may be by creating a software that solves the problem… John found new, and better, ways to drive traffic (and teach them). Stoica created software to help others back up their youtube accounts. Anik refined list building so he’d always have that asset and created a coaching program around the skills. There’s always a way so figure out how you can profit from the experience.

Sometimes things just change and it’s beyond our control to stop them. I hope that a bad dealing never finds you or your business. If it ever does, though, I hope that a few of these ideas leave you better able to deal with it.

~Here’s to your success

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