I was a little strange as a kid…

I enjoyed the usual “little boy” stuff like dinosaurs, bugs and tree-climbing but I was also the ten year old nerd who was buying rare comic books, not so that I could read them, but so that I could seal them into little bags as an investment and sell them for a profit when I was older. If you’re already seeing glimpses of a character from the Big Bang Theory, well, you’re not wrong…

My comic books didn’t open the door to riches so I followed the usual path – education and a job. I worked as a nurse in a hospital and then in a clinic. I learned a lot and enjoyed helping a lot of people. Eventually, though, I made a discovery… I didn’t control my time.

Being called in on days off or working late to cover staff shortages… These were the norm. There were even whispers of mandatory overtime and if I wanted time off it always depended on somebody else saying yes. Oftentimes, they didn’t say yes.

It was time for a change… back to school. I earned my doctorate of natural medicine with a specialty in acupuncture. I built a clinic in a small community and loved helping the people I worked with.

Sometimes, though, life calls for change.

My wife’s father started having some pretty serious medical issues and she really struggled with living hours away and not being able to help or have extended visits. The whole thing awoke in us a need to have more control over our time and our location.

Figuring that it was better to live courageously than to live with regret my wife and I went ‘all in’. We closed the clinic, sold our house and bought a fifth wheel RV that we now call home. We have the freedom to be wherever we need to be… and if there’s no place that we need to be, we can go wherever we want to go.

Now to earn an income that can pay the bills from anywhere…


By learning how to use the internet to build a business that allows me to help others…

This blog is about that journey and sharing what I learn and love along the way.

You might not be looking for a nomadic lifestyle change but if you’re looking to learn about skills and tools to build your income or if you want more control and freedom in your life, well, why don’t you click the subscribe button and join me.

There’s plenty of freedom to go around.